My story…

…is published on the Headspace website under the section ‘Finding help!’

This makes me happy 🙂 Hopefully someone reading it will be inspired or realise that they’re not alone.

Read my story here.

I feel like I’ve found my motivation to recover. I mean, I don’t care about myself enough to want to recover for me. So unfortunately that won’t work if that’s my only motivation.

But recovering so that I can help others…well that’s a different story.

I think, I hope, that I might have helped a few people online on the C&SM Recovery Boards.

And now my personal story has been published on Headspace and I applied to be a Reach Out Youth Ambassador.

If my experiences can help others, if I can recover so that I can help others who may be going through similar issues…well that would make it all worth it.

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