What’s normal…

…and what’s not?

I don’t feel like I know anymore.

I remember my psychologist saying that some people have depression and think they have to live with it because they’ve had it for such a long time and they think it’s normal when in fact it’s treatable and there is another way.

I’m thinking that maybe that’s the case with me. That it’s been like this for a while now so I just think it’s normal to feel this way.

But how do I or my psychologist or psychiatrist or whoever know that what I do have is depression though?

With the SH and the bingeing and purging, well, they’re behaviours so it’s easier to tell if they’re normal behaviours or not.

With emotions and feelings it’s harder to know because the only person who truly knows how you’re feeling is yourself. Especially with someone like me, I rarely show or tell anyone how I’m really feeling.

So how are others able to judge if what you’re feeling is depression or just the normal ups and downs that everyone experiences? I know that they’re trained professionals…I dunno, I’m just confused and doubtful still I guess.

Although being happy is a good feeling, a great feeling, the thought of not feeling like this, not having depression scares me because I’ve been in this place for so long.

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