Where is the sympathy?

I don’t think people have any.

On Facebook I saw someone’s status update was:

‘___ wants Facebook users to shut the f*ck up about their shit lives.’

I remember another person on Fabebook posting something similar.

Woah, well sorry. Should everyone just pretend everything is rainbows and butterflies just to please you then?

This actually pisses me off. Just because your life isn’t as bad as some people’s. And even if it is and you just don’t post in on Facebook, fine, that’s your choice. But others have that choice too, about whether they want to post it on Facebook or not.

When I see someone’s update and they say they’re not doing well, I sympathise with them.

I know another girl from my high school is having family issues. Although I’m not friends with this person, I see this person’s Facebook status updates about some of what she’s going through and how she’s feeling about it and I do feel bad for her.

When my friends post on their Facebook statuses that they’re not doing well, especially if I know they’re going through a tough time like my friends on the C&SM Recovery Board, sometimes I respond to them to ask if they’re okay and even if I don’t respond, I do care.

And the internet may be the one place where people can actually say how they’re really feeling. The internet may be a place where they’re trying to seek some support from people. Or to find some comfort in others reaching out and telling them they’re not alone.

It’s really sad and unfortunate that sometimes people who need attention and support are labelled as ‘attention seekers’ or if they post something too dark for people, they’re labelled, ’emo.’

I mean, for me, the internet is where I vent a lot of stuff that I am never able to talk about and tell people. This blog is where I write all the stuff that’s happening in my life that no one else knows about, all the feelins that I have that I never show. And the C&SM Recovery Board is the one place where I can get support from people who hare going through something similar.

So it really annoys and frustrates me when a comment is made like ‘shut the f*ck up about their shit lives.’ Especially when I’m in this kind of mood, I AM feeling crappy right now and I need to vent it and I need some support and I need to know that I’m not alone. And then people like her stop me but it’s like, ‘why should you stop me, I can if I want!’ And I am about to explode with all this if I don’t vent it somehow. Just because maybe if things are sh!t you have someone to talk to it about in real life, fine. SOME OF US DON’T HAVE THAT. Which is WHY some of us seek sympathy and understanding from people over the internet ARGH.

It’s unhealthy to keep things all bottled up.

Sometimes I just lose my faith in people, seriously. But other times friends support me when I need them the most which then restores my faith in people.

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