But I don’t like crying…

…in front of others when I’m upset and feeling down.

I ended up crying today in front of my psychologist at my appointment today.

These past one and a half weeks especially have been difficult. And somehow I got overwhelmed and the tears just started :/

I’ve said to quite a few people, ‘It’s okay to cry. It’s a normal human emotion. Psychologists have seen a lot of people cry, you’re not the only one and there’s nothing to feel embarassed or ashamed about.’

But when it comes to myself. Well. It’s different for me. I do feel pathetic and embarassed despite telling others it’s okay and my psychologist telling me it’s okay. Somehow as much as you believe something for other people, when it comes to yourself all your beliefs just change and what’s okay for others is not okay for you, because you believe that you’re meant to be stronger than this.

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