I feel pretty crappy.

And I have an assignment due tomorrow.

I’m in no mood to do it.

I knew I shoulda done it yesterday when going to the psychiatrist appointment hasn’t screwed with me.]

I’m so annoyed at all the adults in my life now.

And still so confused. On one hand I have the psychiatrist who knows about the SH and ED and the OD who’s again pushing for me to try medication.

On the other hand I have my parents who are like, ‘You might need to be on them for long term if you start, you might become dependant on them, Uncle __ who takes medication, his mind has become so blank and blurry.’ Aren’t anti-depressants NOT meant to do that to you and have the opposite effect? I mean, if he was on anti-psychotics, yeah, but anti-depressants making you zombie like? Is that meant to happen at all? Or am I wrong?

Shit I have to do this assigment. Really not in the mood.


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