I’ve been so tired this week. For the past three nights at least, I’ve been staying up late to study/finsh assignements/get my Uni work done. And I haven’t done well with my eating this week either. For everyday of this week it’s been- eat no breakfast and lunch or only a small amount for one of them, come home in the afternoon from Uni, binge/purge and only at night I eat a proper dinner and eat a few snacks.

This combined with lack of sleep= a headache-y, tired and dizzy BtF.

I don’t even know why I’ve done badly this week. I remember going to my psych two weeks ago and she asked me how many times I had purged in the past week, it was Friday and I had only purged once. Then Friday two weeks later I’ve purged six times a week already. I don’t get it :S Although this may be attributed to the fact that that week I had used more lax…

I haven’t lost any weight either…which gives proof that throwing up really does not make you lose weight.
Even so…it’s hard to stop because even though I KNOW it’s not making me lose any weight, it still makes me FEEL like I am.

I’ve got another busy week ahead of me. I have so much Uni work to do and even on the days that I finish Uni earlier at 2pm, it still doesn’t get me any more time. On Tuesday I’ve got an appointment with my psychiatrist at 4pm then on Friday I’ve got work.

I’m surprised it was that easy to get an appointment with my psychiatrist actually. I rang up last Monday and there was an time available for that Wednesday. But I had Uni then so I couldn’t go so I made the appointment for the coming Tuesday.

The last time I saw him was in early December. It’s the middle of May now…so I haven’t had an appointment with him for quite some time now.

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