Uni Survey

I just completed a Mental Health survey that my Uni sent through an email for any student who has a mental health problem to complete.
It’s good that they’re trying to improve the help available for students struggling with metal health problems.
Coz I don’t really know who I could approach (although me approaching anyone at Uni about my mental health problems is quite unlikely) and how the Uni can help.

One of the qyestions asks what mental health problem you’re been formally diagnosed with. See, I don’t actually know…. The psychiatrist, clinical psychologist and school counsellor talk about having an eating disorder and ‘bulimic behaviours’ and at times ‘the bulimia.’ But I don’t know if I’m formally diagnosed with bulimia, EDNOS or what? Nobody has ever told me ‘You have *this*.’ So I don’t actually know how to answer a question like that. Hmm.

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