Psych Appt VI

Yep, sixth one. Which means I have to go back to my referring doctor, who happens to be my psychiatrist, to get another six sessions with my psychologist. Which is really just such a hassle.

I filled out the ‘Thought Diary’ sheets on the bus to my appointment. It’s a one and a half hour bus ride. So, plenty of time.

I take a different bus to the one that I usually do to get home. And it’s kinda getting awkward because friends will ask me why I’m taking a different bus, where I’m going etc. I don’t want to tell them where I’m actually going. So I give a vague answer, try to avoid answering or lie :/ This is getting difficult, if I’m having to do this every second week…and I don’t like lying. But telling the truth is right now not an option either.

My friend SL today said, ‘I never see you eat. I wish I was like you, actually.’ Umm no, you don’t. Pretty sure you do not want an ED.

GK siad that she did actually try to ring me during the week. But she wrote down the wrong phone number and got through to a random man when she tried three times to call this number. And apparently the man was getting pretty pissed off. Oh LOL, makes me want to just ring him up and ask for BtF, just to piss him off more.

GK gave me more of those ‘Thought Diary’ sheets to fill out. Because I filled them out correctly (not that hard), she seems to think that CBT is a good technique for me. I can see why it’s good, I mean, it helps to challenge your thoughts and try to get another perspective. But it doesn’t mean that I believe what I’m writing down.

I read a post on the C&SM Recovery Board today that one gurl posted to another, pretty much made my day 😀 At the risk of sounding totally conceited, ‘Listen to BtF. I’ve been reading her posts. She’s nice and really trying to help. Just talk to her and then listen.’ Aww 🙂 Even if I haven’t been on to help anyone at all lately :/

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