Happy Easter…

Well to sum up my day today:

Went to church in the morning. Saw a guy with a TWLOHA shirt. That got me slightly excited as that is the first time I’ve seen someone in person with a TWLOHA shirt on. Am jealous though, have been wanting one for so long!

Saw two of my high school friends at church too. I was actually hoping I would see a friend because I really needed a hug. Haven’t been having the best week to say the least. Got the hug (x2) that I needed. But it left me with a slight feeling of sadness…maybe because I miss seeing some of my high school friends regularly? Or maybe it just reminded me of the sad times that I have had in high school? Not sure really…

When one of my friends hugged me, she said, “You seem even smaller than I remember.”

Oh how I wish 😦

Because it’s also my father’s birthday today, we went out to dinner. Ate at a Japanese Restaurant. Came home and purged afterward though…great :/

My father was also making jokes about being crazy and psycho and therefore needing to see a psychiatrist. Umm thanks dad, just because someone sees a psychiatrist does not make them crazy.

Anyways, Happy Easter everyone.

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