Psych Appointment IV

I took the bus from my Uni all the way to my appointment by myself for the first time. It took more than one and a half hours to get there. Was freaking out about getting off at the right stop and getting there on time. But I managed fine. Thankfully.

G__ asked me if there’s anything I want to talk about. There’s probably a lot I could talk about…but it’s hard for me to be like ‘Yeah, this has been going on’ so I just say no.

Gosh, I just had a big panic and anxiety session. Okay, I’m okay now.

Anyways she asked me what I do when my mood is down to try and help with it (I listen to music, write in my diary…). Then she gave me a ‘Thought Diary’ sheet to fill out at home. Have to fill in the ‘Actvating Event’ (event, situation, thought) ‘Consequences’ (how yoiu feel)and ‘Beliefs’ (all the thoughts associated with this).

Apparently she did send me the info about the effects of purging. But I never got it :/ Which makes me scared that my dad has opened my mail. Which would piss me off, but then again, I probably deserve it after going through his phone messages. Which I did for good reason. I mean, now that the truth is out I don’t do it anymore as there’s no reason to. If he gave no reason for suspicion, I would have never looked through his phone.

I asked about Medicare only paying for 12 sessions. She says that she can push for 18 sessions. Which is good. Better than only 12 at least.

I’ve got two weeks break from Uni now. Which is good…but I have so much study to catch up on. Which I’m panicking about. I really need to start doing better, haven’t done well at all for my tests. Chemistry is my worst subject and I just passed the other two tests. I dread chemistry exam. I do not want to fail. Failing is not an option. I have an assignment to do too, haven’t started. Shit I’m screwed. Was planning to go to the A.S.I.A. clubbing fresher event. But dunno if I will or not.

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