“I’ve never seen you eat before.”

Is what my friend said to me today. I have eaten in front of her before though! Three times in fact. Okay so I have gone to Uni with her for around 6 weeks now. But still. It’s kinda awkward when friends notice and ask about my eating. Or not eating. As long as they don’t connect it to having an ED. Hopefully not. Probably not. Whatever. I’m not thin enough to look like I have an ED anyways.

Just found out the results of the pharmaceutics theory test I did last week. I got 56%. Again, a pass but a really bad pass mark. Highest was 94%. Lowest 19%. How do I know this? Because the results were posted up for EVERYONE in the course to see. Okay, so it was listed by student numbers so kinda anonymous. But still. It’s so bad if you look at your results and see that you got the lowest mark. Need to work harder and study more. I got below average which is 64%. I’m pretty disappointed seeing as in high school I used to get results that were in the like, top 10 of the class. At one point I was first in the class for Maths and English. And seventh for Chemistry. Then I’ve just gotten worse and worse and now am below average amongst all these smart pharmacy students. I hate it 😦

Over Facebook I got an invite from NC to a gathering at her house. I’m kinda wondering if she invited me by mistake though. I mean, I wasn’t even invited to her big 18th party last year and this gathering, she’s only invited 12 people. So I dunno, it would be very awkward and embarassing if she did invite me by mistake. But I don’t know how to find out if she did intend to invite me or not. Hmm.

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