…which is Australia’s health care system that ensures everyone has access to affordable and quality health care, allows us to have 12 sessions per year with a psychologist if you have a diagnosable mental disorder under a GP mental health care plan. So that means that instead of having to pay the full $165 per session, I (or rather, my parents) only have to pay $50.

However, G__ was saying that when we start emotion regulation (?) this week, it would be ideal to have sessions every week for the first few weeks, or if not, a session every two weeks.

I don’t want to run out of Medicare sessions before the end of the year though.

And I still haven’t told my Mum about having sessions every 2 weeks. Because she was saying to me before, she thinks once a month is enough. And I feel guilty that I’m screwed up so that my Mum has to pay for me to get counselling. But at the same time, it frustrates me that my Mum doesn’t see that I’m not necesarilly doing all that well and she seems to think that I don’t really need that much help, therefore once a month is enough.

The UK’s system is good in that counselling with a psychologist is free and is as often as you need it. Why can’t it be the same here? There are free public services here but the waiting lists are long and appointment times are less rigid. However, I’ve heard that it’s bad in the UK if you are needing more help and you need to be in hopsital or inpatient. Over there apparently, even if you go to hospital and tell them you’re going to kill yourself, they will still send you home.

Not sure how it is in the USA. Do they get free sessions as often as they need? But it seems like it’s pretty easy to get more treatment and stay in hospital/go inpatient if it’s necessary, over there in the US.

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