Eating out…

…used to be so much more enjoyable.

Now it’s full of guilt and trying not to eat too much, trying not to eat the fatty foods…

Went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant for my brother’s birthday today.

Pretty much all the food there was oily.

It’s so tempting to sample every dish on the table when they all looked so good. I didn’t eat any of the deep fried stuff…even though I ate everything else. But even everything else is still pretty oily.

My mum told me today what she weighed when she was my age. She weighed around 3kg more than me, although she says she was shorter than I am.

Being only 3kg lighter than she was is not good enough. I see so many skinnier people and compared to them, I’m not good enough.

I haven’t been feeling well these past few days. So I haven’t had much of an appetite and therefore haven’t b/p as much.

Hate feeling sick though. Feel so blah.

Especially this week, can’t afford to get sick seeing as I have two tests this week. Shit.

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