…is so hard. I’m ready to just give up and go take something easier.

I’m obviously not naturally smart. It seems like so many others are smarter than me and I have to put in so much more effort than others. My friend who scored a 98 TER said that she took afternoon naps after school last year while I stayed up half the bloody night trying to study for tests and exams and I got 90.15.

I feel like I should just stop kidding myself that I’m smart enough to do the hard subjects. I’m not.

It takes me so long to complete something because it takes me a long time to figure out how to do it and I just lack motivation.

Feel dead tired today as I stayed up till 4am last night trying to complete my chemistry tutorial worksheet.

Then today after our three hour chem lab I was THE LAST ONE to finish my lab report and stayed an extra 45 minutes just to complete it.

I don’t know why I took pharmacy when I am obviously not smart enough to. We do the hardest chemistry unit because they expect pharmacy students to be smart. Which I am not.

I’m thinking about changing to something easier…but I’m scared that I’ll regret it. So I’ll just stay…and if I fail…well…then maybe I will have to change to something easier.

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