*Trigger-Weights mentioned*





*Trigger Warning*

My mother made a comment that made me really insecure about my weight today.

She was talking to my 12 year old brother. She asked him how much he weighs now. He replied with 43kg. My mum then asked him if he was heavier than me now. He said “Yeah, she’s like 38kg or something.” She then replied to him “No she’s not.” As in, no, she’s heavier than that.

It means to me that I look like I’ve gained weight or I look not skinny. I realise that I’m not fat but I’m not skinny either. I want to be skinny.

I was actually 38kg a few months ago. Since then I’ve gained about 3kg.

Is it that obvious that I’m not 38kg anymore, that I’ve actually gained weight? I mean, at the end of August last year when the GP weighed me, my mum saw that I was 39kg.

It must mean that I’ve looked like I’ve gained weight then.


I want to be 38kg again. Or less.

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