Health and ED

I wonder if this ED is actually having an effect on my health. Or if it actually has nothing with being ill. Or maybe I’m just imagining it.

G__, my psychologist, was talking about how when you have an ED it can make your concentration and memory get worse, you can get really tired and other really pleasant things too.

Last year and this year I have found that I can’t concentrate as well when I’m doing school work, it is hard to think and I have lost motivation and I’m just finding it really really hard to study and keep up.

Not sure if that does have anything to do with it though. Maybe it’s just me.

Although I have found that dizziness and headaches occur after purging… These past couple of days I’ve felt pretty ill. When I look at what I ate today…I know it’s not right. From morning till 2:30pm I had carrot sticks and that’s it. Then at home I b/p twice.

I know it’s not very healthy. I’m wondering if changing my eating habits will actually improve my concentration, brain power and all.

Putting this into practice and actually changing my eating habits and eating healthy amounts and the right type of foods is not so easy. But I can’t afford to have such bad concentration and thinking power either becasue right now I am really struggling to study and keep up with Uni work.

I hate feeling stuck.

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