Future psychologists

I always find it weird when I hear someone my age is doing psychology at Uni and wants to ba a clinical psychologist. One of my friends is studying psychology and wants to be a clinical psychologist and today I met one of SL’s friends who’s also studying psychology..

When I hear someone my age is doing psychology, especially when I hear they want to be a clinical psych, I just wonder if they’ll be any good. From my experiences so far, people my age are generally immature and ignorant when it comes to mental health issues and they judge those who have mental illnesses. Unless they’ve been through it themselves or know someone who has.

I mean, throughout high school I have heard a lot of stuff. And when the jokes others are making are indirectly making fun of you too, then yah, you take note and remember it. I’ve heard the ’emo’ jokes. I’ve had friends that joke about being emo and having ‘rusty razors.’ I’ve heard the ‘I’m gonna go slit my wrists now’ jokes. I’ve heard a friend say that it’s ‘disgusting’ that someone has scars on their arm. I’ve heard jokes making fun of people with EDs. I’ve heard another friend who said that purging is ‘disgusting.’

And if these are the people that are going to become the psychologists of the future…well that’s worrying.

I just hope that the people who are studying to be psychologists were a bit more mature than that and they are not one of the people I mentioned above. Or, at least, while they are getting their degree, they grow up and mature a bit. Or a lot.

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