People with EDs addicted to junk food?

*Possible Trigger-ED behaviours*

Hmm. I just read on another person’s blog, who got this information on the Something Fishy website (site with info about EDs and the such), that many anorexics and bulimics are junk food addicts. Apparently it’s not uncommon to find a person with anorexia or bulimia to live solely on junkfood.

I think that’s pretty true for me.

Before I used to always bring bread rolls with salad and meat to school for lunch. Pretty healthy right? I used to try to be a lot healthier in my eating. I had a balanced diet. I ate all three meals. Then I started to have stuff like: jelly for lunch. A small cake for lunch. A cookie for lunch. A chocolate bar for lunch. Food I wouldn’t have thought about eating for lunch because really, that is just not a proper lunch. I still did eat my healthy bread rolls sometimes too, but not as much.

And then other times when I was meant to buy lunch at school I would take that as an opportunity to skip lunch and tell my friends if they asked, “I’m not hungry.”

I took to buying chocolate, cakes, biscuits for myself too. Once I bought a pack of chocolate biscuits while I was with a friend and she said “I didn’t know you ate so much junkfood.”

I think I read somewhere that the reason people with EDs crave junkfood is because when you restrict, your body feels starved so it starts to crave sugar and sodium. And also, the more you deny yourself a certain food, the more you crave it. That’s probably true. When I was eating properly and I wasn’t trying to restrict, I don’t remember ever liking junkfood as much as I do now, when I’m eating less in my meals.

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