My Body Image…

*Possible ED Trigger*

…when did it become so bad?

This time last year…I didn’t really have a problem with it at all. The only part of my body that I was unhappy with was having a bloated stomach. But besides that I was fine. People would tell me I was skinny and I believed them. While others may have complained about being fat (when they’re not), I wouldn’t think the same about myself- I was fine with my body size. I tried to eat healthy but I wasn’t trying to restrict so that I would lose weight or at least stay the same weight. I was the last person I thought would develop an eating disorder.

But now…

I have all these parts of my body that I’m unhappy with and feel disgusted with myself. I want to lose weight. I want to be thinner. I see girls who are skinnier than me out walking on the streets and I get jealous and wish I were as skinny as them.

Although logically I know that I’m not really any heavier than I was this time last year before I had this ED, the ED makes me feel so much fatter. My body image has become so messed up since developing this ED.

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