A realisation…

I have never known anyone in real life who also SHs. I’ve met a lot of really great people online who do, but I don’t know anyone personally that does.

That’s what I thought anyway.

But a friend today told me on Facebook that she went IP, one of the reasons for it is that she was SH-ing more.

It’s weird finding this out I guess. All through high school I had always thought it was only me who SHs. I did think to myself ‘No, that can’t be right, there must be someone else at least.’ But the very nature of SH is that people hide it and so it’s not easy to know if someone does or not. People always think that if someone SHs, it’s going to be easy to know because it’ll be on their arms. That is definetely not always the case though, and it’s not the case with me.

I wish she didn’t have to turn to this way of coping too 😦

This just proves further though, that SH is not only something that emo or atention seeking people do. That is just totally and utterly bull. I’m not emo, I’m not attention seeking and neither is my friend.

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