The head psychologist,

Ga__ M__ called. She said that based on what my psychiatrist has told her, the best person to see me is a psychologist called Ge__. I’ve got an appointment with her on the 23 January on Friday. I really hope she’s nice. The head psychologist, Ga__ sounded nice on the phone, except I won’t be seeing her.

Found out the cost. It’s $180 per session but $165 if you pay on the day. However, because I have a referal from a psychiatrist, who was referred by a GP, I get a government rebate. So each session actally costs $50. Thanks, Australian Government. I feel bad though…like what if my parents spend all this money but I’m stll not better?

My dad had a go at me the other day for eating only a little at dinner. He was like ‘If you don’t look after yourself you’re going to get sick. What if you end up in hospital, then we’ll have to pay for it. You already have to see doctors and we’re spending so much money on you seeing a counsellor.’


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