2nd Psychiatrist Appointment

On Friday 5th December I went to my psychiatrist again. He seems to be really recommending that I be prescribed medicaton. An SSRI. Which I’m quite sure is what an anti-depressant is. I don’t have depression though so he’s actually prescribing it for my eating disorder. He’s also referring me to a psychologist who deals with people with EDs. I’m just so overwhelmed by all this. Now I have to face up to the fact that I do have an eating disorder now that I’m told my my psychiatrist that I have an ED and am being treated for one. He didn’t exactly diagnose me though. He didn’t say ‘bulimia’ although he said ‘bulimic behaviours.’ So I think I have bulimia. From what I’ve read and what the psychiatrist and school counsellor have said anyway.

We have to ring the psychiatrist today to let him know what we decide about going on meds or not. I kinda just go along with whatever he says and whatever my parents want too. They’re saying it’s my choice though. So I think I’ll just give it a go…and if it doesn’t help, I can always just stop them.

I hope the psychologist I get referred to is experienced with people who self harm too. And also with social anxiety. According to the school counsellor I have social anxiety but it’s something the psychiatrist doesn’t know. The social anxiety is not too bad though.

Anyways, if I can be bothered I might type out my whole story.

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